Joel Brown’s Invisible Anchors

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I remember that day in Bali when I was supposed to speak at Joel Brown’s event. At that point, I had been pretending to be someone else on social media. And though I did get a great number of followers, I had finally reached a point where I have had enough. I don’t want to keep portraying myself as this person on social media who isn’t really who I am in real life and mislead my audience into thinking that I’m someone who I’m not. So when I was supposed to speak at Joel’s event and I broke down, he was the one who encouraged me to keep going, to see the bigger picture, and to push myself further if I want to serve more people and that sparked something in me. As soon as I got back from Bali, I began to see changes in my life, in the way I act and react, and ultimately, I have seen myself from ever since that event. Joel’s someone who has the ability and the passion to help make you grow, but he can’t do any of that unless you really immerse yourself in his sessions.

So when we had a growth summit, Joel was the first person that I thought of who can make this summit into something special, to become a landmark of growth where people can start seeing their growth begin and one of the things he discussed was about invisible anchors, which I agree with. You see, we all have something from our past that’s holding us back, but the thing is, sometimes we just can’t see it or are just too embarrassed to admit to ourselves that we have one. So let’s get into it.

What’s an invisible anchor?

So, the short answer is that an invisible anchor is something that you can’t see that’s actively preventing you from moving forward, from achieving your potential. This can be something from your past, a trauma, or a particularly spectacular failure that has haunted you ever since but you’ve tried to push it down so that it doesn’t float to the surface. But when you do this, not only are you leaving something unresolved in your soul, but you’re also allowing it to take a bigger and bigger hold of yourself and preventing you moving on, to move forward with your life, and achieving your potential and purpose.

Joel shared a little bit about his story where he had been working in sales for many years. He had said that when he was working in sales, though he was making quite a good sum of money, he was sacrificing a whole lot of things. He was living off of coffee, barely had any sleep, and was wasting about 426 hours a year just sitting in traffic, wasting his life away. He knew that there was something bigger than he was meant to do, but he kept playing it safe for years but he kept feeling empty despite having all the money in the world until one day where he had the opportunity to go to a workshop with none other than Jodan Belfort, the wolf of wallstreet himself where Joel was challenged to cast a 10-year vision for success where Jordan asked him “what would your life look and feel like? What would you be hearing? What would people be saying about you? How would you feel within yourself when you’ve achieved everything you desire? If money, time, health, energy were all made available to you, what would you create?”. This was a very profound moment in Joel’s life because let’s be honest, we all have this thing called “set agreements” with ourselves which is basically a deal that we make with ourselves to only have this if we can do that and sometimes we set ourselves up for failure because we make the agreement so ridiculously impossible to achieve that we basically make it impossible for ourselves to step into our goal.

Believe it or not, these impossible set rules are actually a form of procrastination. This happens because so many of our beliefs, our invisible anchors, are holding us back from being able to step into our goals in life, and for Joel, that workshop was the very moment where he began to sit down and cast his future, to make plans to go and grab his goals and he found it to be fun and exciting, and he felt like it was actually possible because he had planned for things 10 years in advance and reverse engineered it so that he sets himself up for the best possible chance of success. That was when he created his website,, but it was also around this time that Joel came face to face with his invisible anchor.

You see, when he was younger, Joel was quite wild. Alcohol, drugs, and parties were the things that he did to pass the time, but then at this stage in his life, he began looking into people like Tony Robbins, Gabby Burnstein, and Mel Robbins, where he sees himself as darkness and those people as the light because he’d done all those things in his teen years which now made him think that it’s impossible for him to inspire others because of what he’d done in his early years, limiting him and setting him up to lose because it made him think that he’s not “good enough”, and then Jordan said that, “you’re not your past. You’re the lessons and resources that you’ve gleaned from it, and that’s the day that Joel realized that no one is going to come and write his permission slip for him, and that he had to do it himself. The day he broke his invisible anchor.




Personal Branding Coach and Creator of House of Leaders, a leadership community with 1.3million followers on Instagram.

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Brilliant Liu

Brilliant Liu

Personal Branding Coach and Creator of House of Leaders, a leadership community with 1.3million followers on Instagram.

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