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Do you visualize your destination before you go somewhere? Or do you do things and go places without visualizing it first, with the idea of figuring it out later? Well, according to an Instagram live interview I did with Jay Cardiello, visualizing it beforehand is the best way to go about doing things, and here’s why.

I’ve personally always done this before going on my speaking events because I feel like it’s the best way for me to prepare myself for the task ahead. I can set a clear mental picture of how I want the session to go, I can clear the path so I can deliver values in the most efficient way possible so that my audience can benefit from attending the sessions themselves, but I’ve always wondered if this is something that people should also start consider doing because it’s a good approach to doing things, or if it’s just a personal workflow that I take. So when I had the chance to speak with Jay Cardiello, a man whose credentials are honestly too long for me to even try and fit into this article, I took that chance.

Jay himself has spoken on TedX Talks, he had also written books on exercise, which is par for the course when getting to know Jay since he’s the co-founder of Mt. Sinai Hospital healthcare intervention program called “off the scale”, a fitness advisor to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, has worked with everyone from 50 Cent, Jeniffer Lopez, as well as MLB and NFL teams; He’s one of the most sought-after and recognized fitness and health professionals in the world.

So when we finally got the chance to go live, I just had to ask him his views on visualization. He said that yeah, it’s a very important thing to do! Jay himself likes to visualize his entire speech beforehand; what he’s going to say, how the audience is going to react, because if you can’t picture yourself doing it mentally, then there’s no way you can actually execute the thing that you’re supposed to do, and it simply does not happen without visualization.

Why is that?

We’ve all heard that our minds are more powerful than we give them credit for, and this is something that is actually affecting our lives daily. Jay talked about this in his TEDX talk which I would later ask about again in our interview. Jay goes on to say that this is especially obvious in weight loss, because, although we think of weight loss as an action that we need to take, we don’t often talk much about how our minds play into the results.

A few years ago, Jay developed a behavioral intervention program for Mt. Sinai Hospital where, through the program, people were able to lose tremendous amounts of weight through visualization and preparing themselves mentally, and changing the behavioral habits that they have gotten so used to. Jay had also gone on to speak about why diets and exercise don’t actually help you lose weight and in some cases, can actually make you fat, which you can still find online today.

Jay later explained that all of this happens because, most of the time, we don’t take the time to prepare ourselves mentally, and what ends up happening is that we’ll take actions before we even know where we’re going, and if you’ve ever gone hiking, you know for sure that this is not the best idea in the world.

But what happens if you can’t even create a mental picture of your destination? What if, let’s say, you grew up in a negative society, constantly surrounded by negativity, how would you have the power to change your mind?

Jay gave a great answer to this, he said that yes, you can change your mind, and if you’ve ever heard of 50 Cent, you’ll understand why. 50 grew up in a really tough neighborhood, which in itself, would mean that he had to struggle and power his way through everything just to make sure that he wouldn’t stave that day. But that’s not the whole story, 50 had to grow up in one of the toughest times; the great recession. These two things combined would’ve been enough to crack someone and made them very pessimistic, but 50 never let that affect him or the person that he wants to become.

He focused on the person that he wants to be, making small changes in how he behaves until one day, he managed to achieve his potential and become the person he is today. He focused on his mind and saw his whole career laid out in front of him; that’s how powerful your mind can be in shaping the person you eventually become.

Jay is also an advocate of what he calls the 8 minutes of power. What you’ll do here is sort of like what you do when you’re journaling, but in this case, you’ll do it while reading it aloud. You’ll set a specific date, specific time, and you’ll set your goals for what you would want yourself to achieve by that point. This is a powerful tool not only for manifestation and visualization, but also to help empower yourself because it helps you to set a clear mental picture of where you want to go, and once your mind is all set on it, there’s nothing that can stand in your way.




Personal Branding Coach and Creator of House of Leaders, a leadership community with 1.3million followers on Instagram.

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Brilliant Liu

Brilliant Liu

Personal Branding Coach and Creator of House of Leaders, a leadership community with 1.3million followers on Instagram.

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